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      This document does not guarantee the reservation of Mar Mia spaces. To formalize the reservation, the client must pay the total rate of the contracted reservation with, at least, 7 days before the date that has been indicated in the reservation date. The payment have to be made by credit card or Bank transfer.

      Once the customer has made the payment, it has the right to use and enjoy the exclusive Mar Mia spaces for itself and its assistants on date and time booked, in accordance with the provisions of this document.
The reservation will give the customer the right to consume the products offered within the Mar Mia spaces up to the limit of the amount paid for the reservation and during the booked time. If the client's consumption exceeds the amount paid before for the reservation, it must pay the excess at the end of the event.

      The reservation could be cancelled for the client, free of charge and with the right to a total refund of the amounts paid, as long as the client notify Mar Mia at least 15 days in advance to the date indicated in the reservation data. In case the client cancels the reser- vation with less than 15 days in advance, Mar Mia will reimburse the customer for the amount paid, deducting the amount of €500 as a penalty for not having canceled within the free term.

      The minimum number of guests for holding events is 20 people and the maximum capacity will depend on the reserved space. All guests will be of legal age. Mar Mia will have the right to don’t allow entry to people who exceed the capacity or who are minors.

      The decoration of the space must remain intact, not being able the client or any of the guests add elements attached to it.
If the client or any of the guests want to add mobile elements at the space for the event, they must have the approval of Mar Mia 48 hours before at the day of the event.

      The client will be responsible for any damage caused by itself or the other guests in the furniture and equipment of the Mar Mia spaces during the celebration of the event. In case there could be any damage, Mar Mia reserves the right to charge to the card provi- ded for the client, the amount corresponding to the repair of the damage caused.

      The entry of food or drinks from outside is not allowed. The failure to comply with this condition will empower Mar Mia to terminate the event immediately without the right to a refund any amounts paid.

      The contracting of any musical activity or entertainment must be carried out exclusively through Mar Mia, who will inform to the client of the established rates. The client must pay Mar Mia these services at least 48 hours before the event. In case otherwise, Mar Mia will cancel the performance.

      The schedule established by Mar Mia as start and ending time of the event it must be strictly complied by the client.

      Mar Mia reserves the right of admission, being able to decide the permanence in the establishment of the client or of any of the guests to the event, in the event that their behavior supposes any annoyance for the rest of the clients. All attendees are obliged to follow all the rules of behavior and protocols COVID and kindred.
The client will be responsible for the behavior of all the people attending at the event. The client will keep Mar Mia unscathed as a result of the action carried out by them, in the event that there is any claim from a third person.

    • All prices provided by the establishment include the corresponding VAT amount.

    *Download the hiring conditions here, fill in your data and send it signed to eventos@marmia.es to formalize the hiring.